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The newly published travel and culture guide Experience Ghana explains Ghana (West Africa) to the future traveller. The reader is transferred to the country and is experiencing the Ghanaian culture. This is done by cultural background information, travel stories, tips and colourful pictures. Ghana Experience also leads the way to 40 eco destinations which deserve to be found by the traveller. This book is for anyone who travels to Ghana and for the tourist at home!

• 14 thematic sections on culture
• 40 fair destinations
• Beautiful color photos
• 100 Practical tips
• written in Dutch (to be translated in English and/or German)
• Glossary of 4 African languages
• Filmed for television, movie available on DVD

This book is like a good travel companion. It will enrich your eagerness to visit Ghana. It is a handbook how to understand and enjoy as much as possible. Where to go? What is the story behind all these impressions? And afterwards: the book will be full of shared memories. Experience Ghana was nominated for ‘Best Travelguide’ by the Dutch specialized travel bookstores.

In 2010 a crew of the Belgian television traveled to Ghana to visit and film Ghana as explained in the book. The result was an 8-episode TV-series on Ghana and Ghanaian eco tourism. This serie has been pubkished as well on the DVD "Experience Ghana - the movie". Book (Dutch) and movie (partly in Dutch) can be bought in our webshop and in shops throughout whole Holland and Belgium.

Ghana is a West-African country and is ideally suited for a first introduction to the intriguing continent Africa: happy, safe and versatile. Also people who already travelled to an African destination, can indulge in Ghana. For them Experience Ghana is an inspiring book too. Experience Ghana will lead the way in Ghana, but not through quickly outdated addresses or maps. Current data can be downloaded from the website. The book itself is a sustainable guide, arranged by theme. Each chapter is given a central topic, with impressions, (cultural) background information and practical tips. The destinations in this book are selected for their content 'fair tourism'. The top-10 of Ghana is there. Of each destination is a brief description included photos, a list of key activities and then the practical matters: how it fits into your travel schedule. Can you sleep there? Eat? How do you get there? On separate pages you will find tips with a brief explanation. Some are travel tips. What is fun to do? Others are rules of conduct. These tips would help you to behave as a guest.

Experience Ghana is made with the cooperation of many experts in and on Ghana, as the anthropologists Hester Bos and Marleen de Witte and renowned authors as Heerko Dijksterhuis and Miriam Vossen. Off course also Ghanaians themselves and Dutch people who work(ed) in Ghana have participated in the research.

This travel and culture guide goes with a website: On this sites are previews and updates accessible for the main public. The book is published using high quality techniques on FSC certified paper. The convenient format (12x17 cm) has a solid, double cover. The expanded flaps include a clear map of the recommended destinations. Much attention is paid to the selection of striking photographs.

About the creation of this book and movie
"Experience Ghana is a non-profit initiative of the Ghana Tourist Information - Europe. The book is part of a program to fight poverty through sustainable tourism in rural Ghana. The profit on the book is being used to support the development of poverty fighting eco tourisme in Ghana.

For book order please contact the Ghana Tourist Information.

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