Spending of book earnings

The earnings from the sale of 'Experience Ghana' will be used to invest in the development of Community Based Tourism in and to Ghana. For the years 2009 and 2010 this will involve an amount of approximately 10.000 euro.

The 39 destinations mentioned in the travelguide have been asked to submit proposals for the spending of the money. The proposals are evaluated using several criteria. The main criterium was the question whether the investment would yield a sustainable effect. Another important question was whether the project had access to alternative sources of funding to proceed with the proposed project. Publicity still remains the least addressed issue for CBT projects. This is the reason that we decided to give priority to projects in this field, like the TV-project and the DVD-project.

Selected proposals:
- a serie of 6 items for television about Ghana
- the development of a promotional DVD
- Atsiekpoe/Vume (a canoe to transport tourists)
- Hand in Hand (learning material)
- Mognori (binoculars to be used for bird watching tours)
- Gwollu (bicycles for tourists)
- Akwadum (a spraying machine)
- Sognaayilli (maintenance of the guesthouse)

We have combined the proposals to a report to be aproved by our finance partner HIVOS. After their approval we will start to invest the money.

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