At a time when the Dutch debate on international aid is hot, the Ghana Tourist Information Europe starts a striking alternative. It sells colourful African watering cans, named Boetels. The earnings go to local ecoprojects. 1 May 2012 the national campaign 'boetels for charity' started with a outdoor campaign in bus shelters throughout the Netherlands.

The concept is simple. The Ghana Tourist Information import containers full of 'boetels' from West Africa. These will be sold without commission in Dutch outlets. The profit goes to local ecoprojects in Africa and to the promotion of ecotourism. 'Boetels' are colored watering cans from recycled plastic that looks like an old fashioned coffeepot. No one is the same and a collection of boetels delivers a cheerful picture.

"Ghana is among the top fastest growing economies, the country was last even the fastest growing economy in the world, last year. Many people don't know this. The image of Africa many people still have, is of hunger and poverty. Also by this campaign with the crazy cans, we show the joy and diversity of this continent", says founder Eva van Dijk of the Ghana Tourist Information.

"And we give an example of a new style of international aid. The establishment of the Tourist Information in 2009 also fits into this philosophy. We work with dozens of local entrepreneurs and producers, instead of donating money to central governments. We did a pilot with boetels in stores the last three years. A great success. Now it's time for a massive national campaign."

The colorful watering cans with zebra motif are used in West Afrika in the kitchen, the toilet or as a hand shower. Here in the Netherlands they can serve as watering can, children's toys or as a gift for someone who just visited Africa. Half a year throughout the Netherlands you will find the striking poster in the bus shelters. The campaign is facilitated by outdoor operator Clear Channel Hillenaar and De Huisdrukker. Shops that want to sell the boetels can contact the Ghana Tourist Information.

The boetels cost 7.95 Euro each and are recognizable with the label with purple sticker.

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