TV and promotion DVD Ghana

Mr. Gerard van Heusden of the Ghana Tourist Information Benelux (rechts) and Mr. Luk De Boeck of TravelTV shake hands after signing their contract.

As an assignment of the Ghana Tourist Information Benelux, the Belgian company TravelTV will make a serie of 6 TV-episodes using the cultural travelguide Experience Ghana as basis. The TV-series will be broadcasted in spring 2011 at the TV-channel dedicated for travellers in Belgium. Other nationalities will be able to see the movies using internet. Also the material will be used to produce a promotional DVD on Ghanaian tourism. This DVD did't exist and is very important in the tourism branche. The project will enrich the promotional assets for Ghana in general and Ghanaian ecodestinations in particular.

Finance and partnering
More than one and a half year, this project was suspended because co-operating with Ghana Tourist Board, Ghanaian Embassy and Ministery of Tourism was troublesome. As Ghanaian business and communities urged the importance, the Ghana Tourist Information Benelux decided to do the project on their own expenses and without any kind of requested support from Ghanaian government.

The following partners did contribute to the project:
- Jolinaiko Ecotours
- KoSa Beach Resort
- Community of Nkoranza
- Community of Sognaayilli
- Community of Mognori
- Family Hussein Salia (Larabanga)
- Family Kaka Taimoko (Tamale)
- Meet Afrika
- Wildlife Division (Mole NP)
- TravelTV
- Ghana Tourist Information Benelux
Advertisers still can be added to the list above. For example touroperators and airlines.

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