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Mrs. Eva van Dijk
Mr. Gerard van Heusden
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For press information:
HBMEO is taking care of the press relations for the Ghana Tourist Information. Journalists can contact our press officer:
Mr. Vincent van Dijk
T: +31 204053636
T: +31 641352741

The Ghana Tourist Information (in Dutch: Ghana Verkeersbureau) provides information on Ghana as a tourist destination. Target group is all persons interested in Ghana. The Tourist Information is an independent institute and works on a non profit basis.

The Tourist Information pursues the sustainable growth of Ghana tourism as mean to broaden and strengthen economic structure of Ghana, especially in the rural areas. We don't sell trips to Ghana. We aim to increase foreign investments in tourism to Ghana and want to support Ghanaian communities and business with local knowledge and local support activities to promote their destinations in the European market.

If you would like to get more information about Ghana, or if you are a Ghanaian in the tourism business and you would like to have more pr in Europe to attract more tourists, please feel free to contact us.

- Information for tourists (via phone, mail, festivals & web)
- Research and editing for press and private publications
- Promotion campaigns in the Benelux
- Holiday Fair (Utrecht) and ITB (Berlin)
- Connecting supply (Ghana) and demand (the Netherlands)
- Sending information packages
- Publishing/selling of travel- and culture guide Experience Ghana
- Publishing/selling of the movie Experience Ghana
- Selling boetels (African water cans)
- Providing multimedia presentations, lectures and workshops
- Consultancy on the field of Community Based Tourism

We are the only Tourist Information abroad which is directly accessible and free to get travel information, route advice, accommodation, airlines, cultural preparation, et cetera. We do this both for tourists and outbound tour operators.

Our partners are 40 small eco destinations in Ghana and selected organizations from the tourism industry. In addition, we coordinate our activities with institutions such as UNWTO, SNV, NCRC, Ghana Tourist Board, Ministery of Tourism in Ghana and the Ghanaian Embassy in the Netherlands.

"...The first Tourist Information on Ghana abroad will be an important contribution which will enrich existing data/information on Ghana, and consequently encourage more Dutch citizens to travel to Ghana."
Former President John Kufuor

"The arrival of tourists helps our village. I'm happy with them. Now we have work for the whole year."
Baako Mumuni, Chief of Sognaayilli, Northern Region.

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